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Nope…I Don’t Feel Like Thinking About Debt Today


Trick-or-treating last night went well. My son seemed to have fun and he got a lot of candy. After we got home was when when some not so pleasant things happened.

First up is my dog. We are watching him very closely because he decided to attack my son’s Apple Man while we were trick-or-treating. Apple Man was an adorable little creation my son made in school. He had an apple for his body and marshmallows for his head, arms and legs. He was sitting on the counter, but my dog found him too tempting, I guess (my dog never grabbed things from the counter before).

It wouldn’t have been much of a problem except that Apple Man was assembled by using toothpicks. We can’t be certain, but my dog may have eaten one of the toothpicks. Since they are wood, they won’t show up on x-rays so there isn’t anything we can do but wait. So far, my dog seems fine.

Next up is my son. This morning he woke up and crawled into our bedroom. His ankle was hurting. The first look-over by Dr. Mom revealed some swelling so I think he just may have sprained it. He really didn’t want to walk so we kept him home from school. Tomorrow he will be going to the doctors. Something on both of his feet seems odd (both of his feet have a bump and my husband and I both don’t have a bump like that) so we’ll get it checked out. I worry about my son first and foremost and I will pay up the yazoo if needed to keep him healthy. But the thought dealing with more doctor bills makes me cringe.

I’ll know more about both my son and my dog tomorrow. I try my best not to worry about things but it is tough. I tried writing a normal post about finance, but my mind is pretty pre-occupied as you can probably tell. I hope my son and my dog will be perfectly fine.


  • Reply Tricia |

    Morning Update – As usual, Dr. Mom is overzealous with her wanting her little man to be perfectly fine. He is able to walk this morning and wanted to go to school. I wrote a note to his teacher to make sure he stays indoors for recess today so hopefully all will be well with his ankle. I am going to keep an eye on those bumps on his feet. Perhaps they’ve always been there and are normal but I noticed them yesterday. (When it comes to my son…I get a little crazy sometimes)

    As for my dog, he is still doing well. Things are going in and coming out as usual. He doesn’t appear to be in pain. Thanks for sharing your story, Beth. Yes, our dog is worth the worry. He is such a good dog for our family.

  • Reply Beth |

    I once had a piece of ribbon go missing and I was 90% sure my cat ate it. I took her to the vet, who did all kinds of unpleasant probing from both ends. I watched the kitty VERY closely for about a week, because I’ve seen enough emergency vet shows on Animal Planet to know if her intestines got twisted somehow it would be an immediate emergency. And nothing ever happened! She didn’t choke, throw up, or anything. So I don’t know if it decomposed in her digestive system (it was fabric ribbon) or she never ate the ribbon in the first place (though I never found it), but all was well. A long story to say — yes, watch like a hawk. But it will more than likely be OK. And our loving & lovable pets are worth all the worry they sometimes cause us.

  • Reply Ian |

    Glad to hear his ankle is better. Keep an eye on the bumps, but they may honestly just be the way the bones in his foot are. Hang in there. Some days debt can be hard to think about, buceuse life does keep going.

  • Reply Kimberly |

    Good to hear your son’s ankle feels better. The day of rest is probably exactly what it needed. And I hope your dog is fine, too, and that the toothpick just gets pointed the right way on the way down. A friend’s dog once ate one of those little plastic swords. She passed it a couple days later and never knew the difference.

  • Reply Jaye |

    I’m so glad your son is doing better. I know that when my kids are sick, I always worry about the worst, first. While it’s good to be careful, I usually stress myself out more than necessary. I know a lot of kids who stayed home yesterday, mostly due to exhaustion or nausea….when will we learn?

    Speaking of candy (which we weren’t,) I would love to know what percentage of Halloween candy is thrown out. Seems so ridiculous to me. Every year I buy too much and my kids come home with too much.

    As for your dog, I’ve heard a lot of stories about dogs swallowing things and needing surgery. My 15 1/2-year-old dog regularly eats Barbie clothes, underwear, or anything else she can find. She never has a problem, just passes some interesting looking stuff. The doctor thinks it’s dementia-related. In any case, my point is that dogs are really amazingly tough. Even ancient ones. I’m sure yours will be fine. Good luck!

  • Reply Mandi |

    I’m so glad they are both ok.

    By mentioning life is going on around you when you are fighting debt makes it easier for me to believe I can do it too. Life happens to everyone, but even if this isn’t a life blog it’s good to see it mixed in with finance.

  • Reply wealthy_1 |

    I’m glad your son is feeling better. I hope your dog is all right too. You are not overzealous. We always want the best for our children, and we want them to be healthy. My son is 16 and if he has the sniffles I still freak out. He thinks I’m crazy.

    Perhaps, too, you need a day to relax and let your mind wander and escape. Unfortunately, the debt will be there when you get back. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Reply Kathy |

    A good friend of mine who has a doberman told me that the vet recommends Metamucil for anything swallowed by the dog (in his case he opened the trash and ate chicken bones from a foil wrapper. The vet says is the dog shows no signs of distress, try the Metamucil because it encapsulates the stomach contents and passes it through to let nature take its course effortlessly. Hoping you son is better soon, too–kidlets are more heartwrenching when ill. Best, K

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