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A PF Blogger is Asking for Help, Debt Reduction Getting Recognition and Cheap Ways to Exercise


Today is Friday, but is sure doesn’t feel like it. My son is home from school today and I’m off work so my internal schedule is majorly confused. Today will be a day of getting our home ready for winter. Now that our mini-heat wave is over, daily temps are in the 30s. It’s time to caulk and put plastic on some windows and try to seal nook and crannies where the cold is getting in our house. It’s also time to finally put away the yard items because before we know it we’ll have three feet of snow in our backyard.

Here are a few articles that caught my eye this week.

First up is Stephanie at Poorer than You. She entered a scholarship competition for bloggers and was selected as a finalist (and she’s the only personal finance blogger in the group). The final winner of the $10,000 scholarship is being determined by popular vote and here’s where Stephanie could use your help. She’s asking others to check out the finalists and cast a vote. You can read about the finalists here and can vote here. If you vote for Stephanie, her full name is Stephanie Collins and her name is near the end of the list. You do not need to register to vote and the actual voting takes less than two seconds.

Peete caught CNBC’s program, a Millionaire Inside, and was able to tape it and then outline what was in the program. It’s a very nice recap of the show.

Lastly, the Digerati Life gives ideas for cheap ways to exercise. I love the second pic in her post. It cracks me up.


  • Reply The Digerati Life |

    Thanks so much for the mention! Also, things are getting colder for us here in the West Coast as well. Even the leaves of trees are starting to show a change in color. Most obvious is how the day shifts to nightfall earlier — at around 6:30 pm we are seeing dusk. The pumpkin decor and wreathe are now out for us! Soon it will be Thanksgiving. And the year over. Time flies too fast.

  • Reply Andy |

    Great blog – going to add it on my recommended list for my blog. Good luck with your goals. Surely the popularity of your site, means you are getting decent ad revenue and fast tracking your way to paying your debt?


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