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Someone’s Debt Secret


One man had the idea of starting a blog where he featured the secrets of others. If you had a secret, all you had to do what to send him a postcard with your secret and send it to his address. He would go through them and post some of them on his blog.

That idea turned into something bigger. His site is now the “largest advertisement-free Blog on the web” and he has books where he has published the secrets of others.

The site is called Post Secret. I used to check out the site more regularly (the site is updated with new secrets on Sunday), but I actually forgot about the site for a little while there. Sometimes the secrets are funny, sometimes they are downright sad.

I have to thank Chris for bringing to my attention one of the latest secrets:

Depressed and in Debt

How very true that secret is, and I think it perfectly depicts the struggle that some of us in debt face. The words are powerful, and so is the postcard itself. While other postcards are fancier, this one was done on a white postcard using two different colored markers. That’s all.

15 words + 1 postcard = Strong Message about Debt


  • Reply College Guide |

    Cool site. I think I’ve seen that page before some where. Thanx for reminding by the way, and I’m pretty new here on the blog.

    I just subscribed so Im looking forward for some more excellent posts. Take care dude

  • Reply debtmom |

    I love Post Secret, a few weeks ago there was another one about debt. The artist professed that they were thinking suicide would be the best option to get the family out of debt.

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