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What a Hot, Icky and Humid Day


I’m on a mission this summer to try to avoid the air conditioner and so far I have been successful. However, I was dangerously close to turning it on in my office today. It was so humid that I started sticking to my office chair. That is not fun at all. I did break down and bring a fan into my office, but at least I kept the air conditioner off.

Tomorrow is supposed to be hot and humid as well. One of my weaknesses in the past has been the heat. When I was pregnant with my son, we spent the night at a motel for the air conditioning and a comfy bed. That stay was put on our credit card. We also purchased our air conditioner (on credit) on a 90 degree day. Thankfully, we don’t have too many very hot days where we live.

I am hoping the weatherman is wrong about tomorrow’s weather πŸ™‚


  • Reply Kim |

    This might sound really weird, but one way to cool off that works for most people, including me, is to drink a cup of hot tea or hot water w/ lemon. The hot drink forces you to sweat, the sweat cools off, and so does the person drinking it. I’ve only ever had one person tell me that this does not work for her, never has.

  • Reply Rob in Madrid |

    Chris and I have been really really lucky this year, Madrid is having one of the most unusual years ever. First we had weeks of rain in the Spring (some that hasn’t happened in years) secondly inspite of predictions to the contrary it’s been a cool summer mid 80s during the day cool at night. This time last year we were dying it was soooo hot (well into the triple digits)and no break at night.

    It’s made it much easier to avoid buying an air conditioner. I determined to hold out for the fall when they sell them off. Almost broke down when they them on sale at the local store but it hasn’t been hot enough to justify one.

  • Reply Matt |

    I spent years living without air conditioning and the comfort of having it is worth the extra amount. When the temperature goes really high and there’s a heat index on top of it I’d rather be comfortable.

    How productive can you be if you are constantly thinking about how hot it is? πŸ˜›

  • Reply Tricia |

    Kim – I have never heard of that. Already this morning it’s pretty humid out so I might get a chance to try it today!

    Rob – that’s funny. Mid 80s for me is too hot. In fact, anything over 70 is a little too hot LOL.

    Matt – as for the productivity, I was trying to write something different for yesterday when I gave up. I was thinking about how hot it was and ended up blogging about it πŸ™‚

  • Reply P |

    Not sure what this has to do with “blogging away debt.” To me, useless post.

  • Reply Beth |

    In previous years, I had an appartment with central air conditioning, so it cost me nothing to run it. My new place has a wall air conditioner, so I pay the electricity on it. It’s noisy and expensive, so I’ve mostly left it off. I think tonight it turns on, though, because we’re heading itno t a heat wave here.

  • Reply Lynnae |

    You are a better woman than I am! If there’s one thing I can’t live without, it’s a/c in the summer!

    Good job trying to save on your electric bill, though!

  • Reply used vans girl |

    It always amazes me that people wait all year for the good weather to come and as soon as it gets here we all complain about the heat, myself included. Have you tried getting a piece of ice and wrapping it in a cloth then using this too cool down your wrists and ankles. It makes you feel a lot cooler.

  • Reply Brandon J |

    The military might not pay the best; however, free air conditioning for people living on base is awesome. I have that thing cranked to 68 – 70 degrees all the time.

  • Reply S in Texas |

    Good for you! Couldn’t live without an A/C where we live. To many 100 degree days. Last summer our a/c bill reached $730 for one month — and our house is only about 3000 square feet. This summer though I’ve been keeping it at 78 and have even started trying to sleep with it that high and have the fan turned up high. I normally sleep with it around 72. I’m hoping that it’ll make a difference in next month’s bill!

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