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A Very Special Edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance


This week marks 2 years of the Carnival of Personal Finance, and J.D. went the extra mile to make it extra special. Instead of the usual carnival format, he asked each blogger to submit their best article for the past two years.

I was a last minute participant because I wasn’t sure what article I could include. I ended up deciding to include my article on emergency funds, rainy day funds or whatever you would like to call them. By far, that was the biggest “Ah…ha!” moment I have had while blogging. While I’m sure it’s not the last, to me that article shows that I am making progress with my relationship with money. Thank you J.D. for including it.

Now, if you read anything today, go read the carnival. It really is a “best of the best” edition:

Carnival of Personal Finance: Greatest Hits Edition


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