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Presenting the Festival of Frugality!


Thank you for stopping by for this week’s Festival of Frugality, a festival dedicated to helping you get the most value from your money. I decided to give out 12 awards to spice things up a bit and vary from the traditional format. I hope you enjoy!

BEST OF SHOW – this award goes to the article that made me think and I love that! How Frugal Are You?

BEST PICTORIAL OF FRUGALITY IN ACTION – what a difference a coat of paint makes! Saving Money With Paint

BEST ANALYSIS TO FIND THE BEST DEAL – what a thorough article researching tire prices! Which place sells cheapest tires?

BEST CONNECTION BETWEEN FRUGALITY & EXERCISE – get more bang for your buck with exercising! The Most Cost Effective Ways to Stay in Shape

BEST USE OF A POOH BANK – Winnie the Pooh isn’t just entertaining, he can help you save money! Pooh Bank as Fun Money.

BEST IMMEDIATE FRUGAL ACTIONS TO TAKE TO GET THROUGH A ROUGH PERIOD – sometimes you go into despiration mode due to a financial situation. Here’s some great tips to get through it! End of Your Rope? Tie a Knot and Hang on Tight

BEST FRUGAL WAY TO KEEP THE KIDS OCCUPIED THIS SUMMER – summer vacation is right around the corner and what’s better than a few free (or low cost) movies for the kids! Free Summer Movies for Kids

BEST FRUGAL VS. CHEAP COMPARISON – this article comes complete with a chart! Frugal vs. cheap

BEST MYTH DEBUNKER – very good argument against the common belief that a baby costs a lot of money! Six Common Myths: Adding A Baby To A Household Costs A Lot Of Money

BEST ARGUMENT FOR BUYING SOME STORE BRANDS – buying store brands can save money, and here the authors detail some that work for them! Saving Money By Buying Store Brands – 7 Products That Work For Us

BEST WORDS OF CAUTION REGARDING FRUGALITY – if you confuse being cheap with being frugal, it can cost you more money in the long run! When Being Frugal Can End Up Costing You A Fortune

BEST ARTICLES ON HOW TO SAVE ON ELECTRICITY – there was a tie here, good tips from two articles! I lowered my electric bill even though it’s late spring! & Frugal Friday #9: 10 Ways to Save on Your Summer Electric Bill

And here are the rest of the participants, in the order of when they were received:

Best Find Ever!

Surprise Money Day

10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Keep Chickens

Frugality: Garage Sale

Tips for buying second-hand stuff

Quick & Easy Ways to Lose Money

Such a Deal When You Love Your Job

How to Use Yahoo Answer to Save Time, Money & Reduce Stress

Free Cell Phone & $100 Free Money With Sony Ericsson W810i Phone!

How To Get Free Membership At Costco

Business travel on the cheap

Frugal homeschooling

Frugal Living Tips

The Perfect Hobby: One That?s Cheap, Makes Money Or Becomes A Business

My Attempts at Frugal Mattress Shopping

Question: Would You Eat a Squirrel?

Throwing Away Money

Yard Sale Tips What to buy there

how to save money on airfare

Donate to Charity and Save on a Fancy Dinner

Thank you to everyone that participated! Next week, the Festival of Frugality heads on over to My Two Dollars.

For more reading, also make sure you check out this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance over at Money Smart Life


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    Love the site and tips. One way I have found to save money is internet shopping. I found a place called dealtaker.com that has the internet coupons, deals and free stuff. I have saved so much money and gas. 🙂

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    Thanks for doing such a great job with the festival and for including me in…the awards are really funny. Best Creative Rendering of a Festival Format Award to you!

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    Great site! Thanks for letting me take a look at your blog carnival. Got some great ideas of how it works.

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