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March Net Worth Update +6.40%


March ended up being a very good month for us in terms of net worth. We were able to increase our savings significantly and I had to hold a large amount in our checking account to pay our health insurance bill this month ($800). The end result was an increase of 6.4% and our net worth now sits at a negative $33,791.

When we hit a net worth of $0 I think we should have a party πŸ™‚

To see how all of our debt breaks down (since I only focus on the credit card debt on this blog right now), please check out my NetWorth IQ Profile.

UPDATE 4/11/07: With our health insurance, it is a little over $400/month. But, I have to pay it every two months, so my payment is a little over $800 every two months (that’s why it says $800 up there). Thanks to the reader that brought this to my attention πŸ™‚


  • Reply Steven |

    Congratulations! I’m happy that you are closer to being free from debt. It helps motivate me to do the same.

  • Reply philskaren |

    I can’t help but gasp when I read that you pay $800 a month for health insurance. Now I don’t know how big your family is or what kind of conditions/coverage you have, but wow, what a lot of money to spend every month. I’m not even aware if that is a normal monthly premium, actually. I found a great private insurance rate on ehealthinsurance.com or something like that. I am sure you have the best deal you can, but I just wanted to mention it just in case. My husband and I save about 100-200 dollars a month that way instead of going through his company.

    BTW, congrats on the networth increase!

  • Reply Tricia |

    philskaren – the $800 is for every two months (unfortunately they won’t bill monthly for it) and it is for a family plan (my husband, my son and myself). I shopped through ehealthinsurance.com. I could have went with a cheaper plan with a different company. In the end I ended up going with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of MI because I’ve had that insurance through them many years ago and I’ve had good experiences with them. They also cover delivery which the other plans wouldn’t unless you paid a lot extra and waited two years.

    After re-reading it up there, it does sound like $800/month. I’ll have to add a note.

  • Reply philskaren |

    Yes, that clarifies it a lot! $400/month for 3 people with decent coverage is actually really pretty good.

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