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This is a Little Embarassing…


First off, something that is a little redeeming…I paid a few more debt payments and our debt total is now at $21,891. It is inching towards $20,000 and I am getting excited to be so close to that next milestone.

Now for the embarassing part. If you look to the right you will see that my savings total is down to $1,147. Just a few days ago, I was excited to let everyone know that we had reached $1,600 in savings.

What happened?

I’m not sure if I made the transfer! The money should have been withdrawn from my checking account by now and it hasn’t been done. Looking at my savings account, they money is not there and it doesn’t show a pending transfer. Usually I print or note confirmations and I couldn’t find one. So, it appears that I started to do the transfer because I remember filling everything out. Perhaps I didn’t hit the final button to seal the deal. I am so embarassed.

Add to that the fact that my math is horrible! The transfer was for $503. If you take the savings balance before ($1,147) and add them together, you get $1,650 NOT $1,600.

There’s a part of me that is saying to wait a few more days before trying the transfer again, just in case. My checking account is run so low that it would not survive two transfers of $503. Until I know about the transfer for sure, the best thing to do is to decrease the amount under savings.

I’m really surprised at myself that this happened because I am usually very detailed. I check and double check things – one might even say that I check things too many times. I almost have to wonder if this was meant to happen for some reason. That perhaps I am going to need that money for something else (like a bill I happened to forget about).

I guess time will tell, and hopefully sooner than later I my savings will increase again.


  • Reply D |

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. There has been no huge damage from this. You can move the money later. Not much later either, generally they alot 3-4 days for transfers, so you should know soon. :-)!

    Great job with the paydown!!! Come on $20k.

  • Reply Jen |

    Could have been worse… One time I wrote a check for a credit card bill, put in the envelope, stamped it, and then it ended up sitting in my purse for MONTHS! Argh. At least this little oopsy isn’t costing you anything significant. At most, a few cents of interest.

  • Reply Avi |

    I have been following your journey ….. & waiting for you to reach $18,807…. thats your big milestone (set by me)….

  • Reply Tricia |

    D – Thanks. You’re right, no huge damage done. I can’t help but wonder how I did it.

    Jen – I’ve done that a few times too! But my problem is having it in the glove box of the car and forgetting about it!

    Avi – Interesting. Mind if I ask why $18,807?

  • Reply Tricia |

    Avi – Oh My Gosh! I realize now! I feel so silly! It’s my halfway point 😉

  • Reply Avi |

    Tricia, since you started at $37,614…. 8,807 thats your halfway mark 🙂

    btw… I am tackling my own CC debt starting at $42,398.99 …. and tracking your blog sure helps boost my spirit….. hence I took liberty of setting ….my tracking goals for you 🙂

  • Reply Ryan |

    Do you have Quicken download your bank statements every day? I still manually enter my own transactions but I always have Quicken download all my statements- checking, savings, credit cards- automatically so that I don’t lose anything

  • Reply db |

    Tricia –

    One possible thought is that you had it all lined up, but mistakenly clicked on Cancel rather than Submit at the very end. I’ve done that once or twice.

  • Reply Walt |

    Good job on finding your way out of debt, this is a good story you can tell others whenever you pay everything off successfully. However, I would seriously recommend that you not think about debt all of the time. If I were you, I would think and focus all of my attention on being financially free. I wrote about this on my site if you are interested 😉

    Keep up the good work, the fact that you are actually taking action to pay things off shows your a responsible person.

  • Reply Rebecca |

    Just wanted to say thanks for sharing the nitty gritty details of your experiences so we can all learn from them-the good and bad. Keep up the great work and effort!

  • Reply BB |

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  • Reply ispf |

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