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Sometimes Fate Nudges You On


On Wednesday, I discussed that I had an idea. A major problem that I have is finding the time to devote to the idea to bring it to life. I have the ambition and I have the knowledge, I just need that time.

Anyways, I was feeling ho-hum yesterday. I still had my green sheet of construction paper at my desk as I worked and still jotted down ideas that came to me. There were no major developments, but at least the idea was still there. It didn’t go away and I’m not so sure it will.

Maybe I need something to help nudge me on. Something that tells me that, “Tricia…you are meant to bring this idea to life.”

Well, I received something. Actually, I received two things.

The first thing was a book that I received to read and review (and then give away on here ;)). The book is about attracting the job you want. In itself, the book doesn’t fit my idea and I already have a great job and I’m very happy with it. It was a quote in the beginning of the book that struck me:

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them” – Albert Einstein

I have been less than optimistic lately. I’ve found myself writing about the horrible stories of credit cards. While I think it’s good to discuss those things, I seemed to be writing about them a lot. Where did my optimism go? Yes, I have had some difficult times lately, but I know I need that positive outlook to make things happen. I need that back. I want it back.

The second thing was a resource that I will need to bring my idea to life. Talk about timing! And it wasn’t even something that you can order and it’s not something you think of arriving at your doorstep at a certain time.

Two nudges in one day. I can’t ignore them. It’s time to get my game face back on, kick some debt booty and get my idea going. I still need time, but I have a feeling if I work hard and work efficiently the time might be there.

Correct that…it will be there!


  • Reply Sonja |

    I’m starting to sound like Oprah but – watch The Secret. It’s very inspirational. You can make anything happen.

  • Reply chicskate |

    Well I for one am glad you put up all those
    ‘beware’ points about the nastiness of credit card companies and collectors. So I appreciate your ‘less optimistic’ outlook. It served a great purpose! I don’t want to read a cheesey blog where everything is perfect, I wanna read something REAL! Thanks for being that (real, not cheesey!).

  • Reply Nathania Johnson |

    Thanks for sharing that quote by Albert Einstein. It’s a great nudge for all of us. I’m glad that you have enthusiasm for your project. I get like that too sometimes – come up with an idea then shoot it down then something motivates me to pick it up again. Go for it!

  • Reply Renee |

    Even your not-so-optimistic posts are helpful!

    Anyway, you are experiencing the power of positive thinking…. I’m trying to do the same in my life!

  • Reply Tricia |

    Sonja – thanks for the suggestion. Maybe if it’s free I’ll watch it.

    D – thanks!

    chicskate & Renee – you both are right. The “beware” posts are good and I will still continue to post them. The thing is, I used to be depressed very often and I’m the girl wearing all black from high school. Even one teacher pulled me aside and told me to think about my attire and my outlook on life. I have battled severe depression most of my life and thankfully I won those battles. I know there will be times where I get down and out and it will probably be obvious to those who stop by daily. The thing is…I can’t stay there. I have to snap out of it and get back thinking positive thoughts. I have to keep chugging along. I was in the very bad “depression-land” the last week and it’s not a very good place for me to be. I’m thankful I didn’t go on a shopping spree.

So, what do you think ?