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What’s Happening Next Week?


Well, next week is a big week for me.

Monday I am hosting the Carnival of Debt Reduction. After that is posted, I’m taking a few days off from blogging to take care of some business. I have enlisted the help from other bloggers to make sure you have articles to read. Plus, you will get to read some other viewpoints.

So what kind of business will I be taking care of?

1.) I will be shopping for life insurance. I currently do not have any and my husband has a whole life policy. We are going to shop around for term life insurance for the both of us and look into cashing out on his whole life policy.

2.) I will be looking into purchasing disability insurance. My income earning potential is the greatest asset we have right now. If something happened where I couldn’t work – it would be devistating to us financially.

3.) I will be doing some fun shopping. I know, that sounds weird. But there’s a good reason for it. Thursday the 15th will mark the one-year anniversary of when Blogging Away Debt was born. I do make money with advertising on this site, and I want to give some of it back to you…my readers. I won’t tell you any more than that at this time. You’ll have to stick around to find out more 😉

So, stay “tuned”. I am so excited about next week!


  • Reply D |

    Personally I think your “gifts for the readers” sounds sweet, but I think that many of them would agree with me when I say

    Secure your family. The gift of your financial security would be better, than any possible prize. We (I think I speak for many) would much rather know you are financially ok, then to receive a gift.

    Don’t take this wrong – just really, really want to see you out of debt and on the road to financial security.

    Cause I care!

  • Reply Tyler |

    I just purchased term life policies for myself and my wife about 2 months ago. I am 24 y/o and my wife is 26. We pay about 50/mo for the both of us for a 500k 15 year term policy. You are going to have a LOT of problems when trying to get a decent rate since you smoke. Believe me, my wife used to take antidepressants and it caused her premium to double INSTANTLY! Just an FYI and yet ANOTHER reason to quit smoking NOW! You need to do it now and do it yesterday!

  • Reply Daisy |

    I just bought disability insurance (there’s a post about it on my blog). It’s expensive for sure, but it’s also pretty scary to think about being disabled without it.

  • Reply Drew |

    I am VERY excited to hear about what options you find for both life & disability insurance. These are both purchases my family needs to make in the near future. Please detail as much of your adventure as possible!

  • Reply Ginger |

    Thata is on to do list also we had whole and now I want term.I am looking foward in finding out what you find.I am 45 so it will cost me much more. Good luck Ginger

  • Reply The Digerati Life |

    How exciting for you! I look forward to what you have in store for us when you come back. Wonder what your fun shopping is going to be about!!

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