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Quicken Winners


I’ve drawn the numbers, and here are the commenters that were randomly selected to receive a copy of Quicken 2005:

31 – Laura
27 – Amanda
21 – Nick
35 – Colleen
9 – Amanda

I’ve emailed everyone this morning, so hopefully I hear back from everyone soon. As for the book giveaway, I have heard back from everyone.

I know there have been a few comments as to why I did these giveaways. There were two reasons, 1.) to celebrate blogging one year and 2.) because I make money from advertising on this site. I wanted to give back something because without readers, I wouldn’t make money with advertising. Normally, all revenue from this site goes towards our debt. In fact, after I announced I was giving away something, I received a brand new advertiser that paid for the whole giveaway. I took it as a sign that it was a good thing that I was doing…giving away things that can help others take control of their finances.

Will there be more giveaways? Probably not for a while unless I receive items for free to giveaway. I may or may not do something similar to mark year #2 of blogging. It’s too soon to tell for that, and the one thing I know all too well is that life is unpredictable.

f you didn’t win a copy of Quicken, but are thinking of purchasing a copy yourself, please stick around. While helping these winners get set-up, I plan on writing a little tutorial and having it available for free for viewing or download (I haven’t decided on a format yet).


So, what do you think ?