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A Simple Click and My Credit Card Gave Me Some More Rope


One credit card company that I deal with has been horrible for giving me more credit when I really probably shouldn’t be getting it. In the past, every time I was almost maxed out, they’d give me a surprise increase. Then I would max the card out again. Then they would give me another increase. While I don’t blame my credit cards for my debt – they made it pretty easy to get in my situation with this viscious cycle.

Yesterday, for giggles, I decided to see if that company would give me a credit line increase. All you have to do is go online and request one. You don’t even have to speak to an operator. Almost immediately I had my answer…

Credit line increased by $2,300.

I did accept their offer, because increasing my total available credit will decrease my debt to credit ratio and that will help my credit score. I am trying my best to raise my score so I can land a wonderful 0% credit card offer shortly.

I’ll take their rope now, but instead of having it sink me further into debt, I am going to use that rope to climb out of it by increasing my credit score.


  • Reply Gooey Debt |

    After being out of debt for 1 year and 1 month, I tried the click for increased credit limit without a credit check. What did it yield you ask?

    my old credit limit was $4,500. After clicking it skyrocketed to an amazing $30,000. This was without a credit check. I presume that I could have received more (if I really wanted it), if I had submitted for a credit check.

So, what do you think ?