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A Little Bit More About Me – My Favorite Movies


Michael over at It’s Your Money is asking money bloggers to write about their favorite movies so here are mine:

1.) The Shawshank Redemption

It doesn’t matter what else is on the TV or if I catch the movie halfway through – I end up watching it. Andy could have let the fact that he was wrongfully accused of his wife’s murder get to him, but he didn’t. He had hope and he didn’t give up.

2.) Walk the Line

Johnny Cash is one of my favorite artists. I never really attach myself to celebrities but when I heard that Johnny had died, I burst out in tears right in front of my boss at the time. His music was truly from the heart. I enjoyed this movie because of the music and to see the ups and downs of his life.

3.) Forrest Gump

Good ole Forrest Gump. If there was ever a fictional character I would like to meet it would be him. I don’t care if we only talk about the weather…he gives me the feeling that everything is going to be alright.

4.) The Green Mile

John Coffey was wrongfully accused of murder and was sentenced to death row. Even with facing execution, he still helped others with an incredible gift of healing. The tears flow freely every time I watch this movie.

5.) A Night at the Roxbury

“One of these movies doesn’t belong here…” (sing to a Sesame Street tune) LOL. While A Night at the Roxbury is a comedy and my other favorites are drama, there is still something very inspirational to me about this movie (and funny too). Doug and Steve Butabi don’t let go of their dreams.

There’s my five. Anyone care to share yours (or comment on mine)?


  • Reply Claire in CA |

    Tricia, we are two peas in a pod! However, I have never seen “A Night at the Roxbury.” I don’t usualy find modern comedies very funny, but since you love the same movies I do, I’ll put it on my Nexflix queue! 🙂

    I also love The Wizard of Oz, most Tom Cruise movies, most Gene Kelly movies, and most Fred Astaire movies.

  • Reply Eva |

    I have to delurk a minute to tell you about my favorite movie that also has a debt component to it. I love “Parenthood” with Steve Martin. I love when Jason Robards “lends” money to his flakey son (Tom Hulce) and they’re both pretending like he’ll really pay it back someday, but each knows that the money will just be gone. It’s what parents do. I know we shouldn’t expect a bailout like that, but we’d do anything to keep our kids safe, even postponing retirement to pay off a loan shark.

  • Reply Trixie Belden |

    I’m a lurker too, love your blog but rarely if ever comment. I had to say that I absolutely LOVE The Shawshank Redemption. I feel the same way you do about it. It always makes me realize that no matter how trapped and depressed you may feel there is always a future you may have only thought was a dream, but it can be real. I also love Roadhouse with Patrick Swayze – kinda like you love A Night at the Roxbury.

  • Reply Michael McKenzie |

    Well, 3 out of 5 isn’t bad!

    Shawshank, Forrest, and Green Mile. My wife and I love these and she is also a fan of Walk the Line.

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