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This is What I’ll Be Watching Tonight


There is a show on tonight on ABC’s 20/20 that looks like an interesting show for anyone in debt. Flat Broke: Begging And Borrowing In America is going to cover topics such as harassing bill collectors, getting out of debt and cyberbegging.

I plan on tuning in, and if you miss it stop back by this weekend and I’ll have a recap of the show as well as my thoughts about it.

With my son and myself being sick this week, I haven’t had a good chance to catch up with fellow bloggers to highlight some posts. So, the ABC site will be my highlight for today.

Thanks Dawn for the tip πŸ™‚


  • Reply Jen |

    Sounds interesting… I may catch it myself, if I remember. I have a harder time remembering things now πŸ˜›

    The Boston Globe rana series last year on debtor’s hell. One thing they focused on was harassing debt collector’s and how local courts are biased against those in debt. For example, in some counties the Globe found that people weren’t represented, nor were they told what rights they had! Horrible.

    My guess is that people still think of those being brought to court for debt as deadbeats trying to escape responsibility, when the truth is a lot of folks are just people who made bad decisions or had a rough time – unemplopyment, illness, etc. Maybe to 20/20 story will also show that people in debt are normal folks, and really be anyone. After all, a lot of us are just a lost job or serious illness away from serious debt. I’d be interested to see how 20/20 “portrays” those in debt.

  • Reply Donna |

    I will be awaiting your report. I have relatives staying with us tonight and I won’t be able to watch it nor would I really want to with them. Some of our relatives think we do really well because we both work good jobs but with childcare and past medical problems, husband losing job then finishing his degree, “yada, yada, yada”, we are just beginning to be able to breathe a little.

    Thanks for keeping us all informed.

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