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Quicken Giveaway at Free Money Finance


If you’ve been reading a while, you will know that I LOVE Quicken. That program is the reason I have been able to keep our finances together. Without it I would be lost. And with the debt reduction, there is no way I could have paid off as much as we have without the help of a computer program like Quicken or Money.

If you don’t have Quicken but would like a chance to win a copy, check over at Free Money Finance. He’s giving away a copy of 2007 Home and Business at the moment, and there will be two more giveaways coming soon!

Good luck!


  • Reply GInger |

    I have Quicken 2003 I have never tried it befor is 2007 better than 2003. Do you think I should start out with 2003 and if I like it then up grade to 2007? I know just like everything else it gets easier and better over the years.

  • Reply A PasseBy |

    I use Quicken a lot also. The latest version has been very buggy and a disappointment. I have been a long time user and it has been a disaster for many people.

    I still use it everyday with my fingers crossed.

So, what do you think ?