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Man, I Really Need to Work on My Writing…


EDIT: It didn’t take long at all before I slipped and used the word “just” on this post. Congrats to Amanda for catching me. Since I only lasted a few days – I may decide to run another contest for something different with the same idea. I think I still need more help with my writing πŸ˜‰

I noticed that I use the word “just” way too much in my writing, and it’s not necessary to use that word for things could be worded differently. I thought it would be fun to offer someone a little something if you catch me using it.

The first person to comment on a future post where I use the word “just” will receive a $10.00 gift certificate to Amazon.com. The commenter must bring up the fact that I used the word “just” (e.g. Hey, Tricia – I caught you – you said the word, “just” :P) and it must be when I’m writing and not when quoting someone else. I only have one certificate to give away, so once someone catches me…that’s it.

This post and prior posts do not count. It’s just posts from this point forward.

Look – see up there…I used the word “just” πŸ˜‰

If at the end of the month I haven’t slipped, I will slip on purpose just so someone wins it.

Gosh…I said “just” again.

See what I mean??? πŸ˜›


  • Reply Chuck |

    Doh… i think i misread this originally as applying to pasts posts, so please ignore me =)

  • Reply Tricia |

    You wouldn’t have to look far in the past posts LOL.

    I added the word “future” up there to help avoid confusion.

  • Reply MollsBrother |


    I was re-reading my posts and seeing so many typos! I see them and shake my head and think, “People must thing I’m so uneducated.”

    Shrug. If only people knew that I hated the editing process.

    > Now, what can I buy with the $10 that I’m going to win…

So, what do you think ?