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Getting the Most out of Your Grocery Dollars


Just to get this out of the way first, this isn’t a paid advertisement (I do not to paid advertising within my posts). It may start to sound like it because I’m so giddy about this website I checked out. I think it can help MANY of you out there!

MyGroceryDeals.com is a free site where you can find local grocery store flyers and compare deals among stores and make up your shopping list. I live in basically the middle of no where and I doubted that I would have any stores listed…but they have one! I am so excited about that! I can only image how this can help some of you in more populated areas. Establishing your free account is easy. You input your email address and provide your zip code. After you do that, you get to see the meat and potatoes of the website.

First off, you can browse the specials by store. It’s almost like you have the stores’ flyers in front of you, without the work of going to the store or buying the paper to get it. It is in a different format though, and the sales are organized in a list.

Secondly, you can also browse the specials by department. Here’s where you can see all of your listed stores’ sales by department. I wish I had another store listed in my zip code so I can do some comparison shopping between the two (we only have a few grocery stores in the immediate area). Looking around the site, if you do not have stores listed, you can approach your grocery store manager and see if they would be willing to participate with the website so I may try that.

Lastly, you can browse the specials by brand. This will pretty much narrow down the specials so you can easily see the price difference by store. There is even a “brand” as beef so you can compare meat prices.

The neatest part of the whole thing is that when you see something that is a great deal and you want to go to that store to buy it, you can add that product to a shopping list by selecting a button. On the right hand side of the page, you will see your list grow as you add more items to it, and you will see your savings. When you are done “shopping,” you view the details on your shopping cart. From here, you can do a few things:

1.) Save your list for later.
2.) Print your list so you can take it with you shopping.
3.) Email your list (handy if you’re at home and your spouse is working. You can email it to him/her to pick up items on the way home).

Looking around the site some more, they are also working on some other things like listing nutritional information for products. So far, their list is extensive but with all of the grocery products out there, they will probably be busy for a while gathering and entering that information.

Overall, I feel this website could be a big help to some of you out there and it’s free (the best price of all ;)) so I had to share!


  • Reply SCapitalist |

    Thinks for passing it on. My grocery bill has some wiggle room for savings, yet I often find clipping coupons a waste of time. I will be sure to check this out this weekend!

  • Reply Steph |

    Thanks for reminding me of this site! I signed up a while ago, when most of their features were down for maintenance, so I forgot to go back!

  • Reply Matt |

    Sounds like a pretty nifty site; just had a look unfortunately they don’t have Canada on it yet. Maybe in a year or two πŸ™

  • Reply tiggerprr |

    Hi there, came her via CFL (I’m late!) and got stopped by this post! πŸ™‚ I’m going to have to check that out, what a neat thing!

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