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The Other Cool Deal I Got From Amazon.com


Remember how a while ago, I was able to buy a RoboReptile from Amazon.com for $30 through their “cool deals” specials? I am thrilled with that deal and my son finds the toy “interesting.”  Not a huge hit, but perhaps he’ll grow into it.

Now here’s where I splurged. I also managed to grab an Elliptical Trainer a few days later for $200 with free shipping. The regular price is around $600. I did my research on the product before purchasing and it is a solid piece of equipment.

I’ve always wanted some form of exercise equipment to use. I have a treadmill that I received for free through FreeCycle.org, but it is a manual one and it’s not easy to use. I also have an exercise bike that I bought for $2.00 at a garage sale, but again, it’s old, loud and not very easy to use. I haven’t used either in ages.

My husband and I put it together the other night, and while I do feel some buyer’s remorse for spending money, I am pleased with my purchase for a few reasons:

1.) Although I had to pay with credit card on the internet, I turned around and paid the credit card right away. So, this purchase was made with cash.

2.) In addition to shedding some debt, I need to shed some pounds as well. While I know there is no miracle machine that will do all of the work for me (although, if there was I may be interested in paying a premium price for it ;)) preliminary “runs” on the elliptical prove promising. It’s in my home office, and already I have went for breaks and spent a few minutes on the elliptical. I may try to incorporate it more often into my day to get the blood flowing and kickstart my metabolism.

3.) I received a cash gift of $60 for Christmas, and I put it towards my purchase. With doing that, the elliptical cost me $140.

3.) It was a good deal for a good product.

Now that I told everyone here that I bought it, I better use it and not let it sit and collect dust! 🙂


    So, what do you think ?