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5 Little Tidbits about Me


I think yesterday was the first day in a while that I missed a day of blogging. Work yesterday was super-stressful and when I got off work and started thinking of my to-do list (I was going to post it here), I developed what I believe is one of those tension headaches. So, I turned off the computer and went to bed at 9 p.m. Those who know me well know that I usually do not go to bed till around 12 a.m, so that is pretty early for me!

Anyways, I’ve been tagged by Money Walks to reveal 5 deep dark secrets about me. Well, they aren’t really deep dark, but they are a few things I haven’t touched upon and may give you a little better idea about what makes me tick.

1.) I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. As a result I applied to three different colleges for three VERY different majors…engineering, criminal justice and music. I never did finish the application for the college where I would have went for music. I didn’t like writing essays for the application. Out of the two remaining, the deciding factor was the college where I received the best financial aid package. I ended up switching majors three times while in college and ended up with a degree in an environmental field.

2.) My current profession isn’t within my degree field at all. Looking back, I should have been a business major, but I really didn’t think about it back then.

3.) I graduated college when I was 3 months pregnant with my son. I despirately tried to find one of those “Baby on Board” signs for the top of my graduation cap, but I couldn’t find one locally. I was a proud momma-to-be.

4.) I am the baby of my family. I have four older brothers. I think my family dynamic is part of the reason why I am a tomboy.

5.) I grew up in the country and went to a small school in Michigan. I lived 6 months in a big city in my early twenties, and it drove me crazy. There’s too many people and life moves too fast.

Now I’m supposed to tag some more bloggers to do the same as I just did. I haven’t had an opportunity to catch up with fellow bloggers on my blogroll (I’d be pretty embarassed if I tagged someone and they already did it!), so I will do that as soon as I can.  (If anyone wants to volunteer, just let me know and I’ll link to you)


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    Not sure I could live in a small town, big city life is so normal for me. You mentioned you couldn’t deal with all the people, for me the lack of people would drive me nuts. I guess it’s what you grow up with and what you’re used to.

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