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No Black Friday Deals for Me


It was rumored that our local Ace Hardware was going to offer a snowblower for Black Friday for $250. That’s not a bad price at all. We’ve been wanting to get one ever since we moved to this snowy area (250+ inches of snow/winter). But, we never splurged to get this nice back-saving tool.

What it boils down to this year is that we do not have any cash and we probably won’t until near mid-December. Sort of a bummer, but it must be for a reason. I’m very glad I haven’t been tempted to put purchases on the credit card, since I have plenty of available credit at the moment. That is an improvement over previous years and something positive to focus on.

I did look around at other Black Friday flyers, but nothing really interested me. There were a few deals on LCD TV’s that made me look twice, but I am pretty picky when it comes to getting a TV. Probably most of those deals are on sub-par models. If we do buy one (and I’ve been managing the urge quite well lately), I want it to be one that we will be really happy with.

So, today will be a fairly quiet day for us and we’ll probably spend the day moving things in the areas where our home repair will be made. I’m getting more excited for our repair as each day passes πŸ™‚


  • Reply Jeremy |

    No deals for me either today. For one, just fighting the crowds alone isn’t worth the money saved. But like you as well, no real extra cash this year to spend on anything. My wife went up to Traverse City to do some shopping with her cousins today, hopefully she doesn’t spend money on anything frivolous and only the gifts we need to buy.

    And I too need a snowblower! This will be our first full winter at our new house that is in a big lake effect area, and the driveway is very long. Not looking forward to the first big snow, that’s for sure!

  • Reply Twinsmommy |

    Can you get a snowblower at the end of the season for a lower price? We don’t get much snow here but I used to live in Iowa..those big snow storms really are alot of work to clean up after!

    Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

  • Reply Matt |

    Ever thought of buying a used snow-blower? I’m sure people are ‘upgrading’ theirs all the time.

  • Reply debtinseattle |

    Hi Tricia,

    We are pretty cashs trapped until mid December as well and didn’t take part in any sales either. Plus, I just cut up my cards so I CAN’T shop even if I wanted to! We are actually okay with staying in – I’m trying to make food using leftovers & drinking hot cocoa πŸ™‚

  • Reply Save Sheila |

    Good for you! I didn’t go shopping either; I have WAY too much debt that I will pay off first. I don’t need anything, either. I have much more than I need, as a matter of fact. But no snowblower; we live in the South!

  • Reply Tricia |

    Jeremy – it sounds like I have the opposite problem of you. My driveway is very short, but with all of the snow I quickly have mounds on each side of my driveway and we can’t always see when we pull out. At least a few times during the winter I have to climb on top of the snow hills and shovel them down. A snowblower would work wonders to get the snow farther away (and…would work great to shovel off our roof!).

    Twinsmommy – I have seen the snowblowers at the end of the season for about $100 off…but they quickly get snatched up.

    Matt – there is a place that offers them used, but it’s a little far away. With our little echo, we are limited to buying big ticket items that are close to us. We rarely see used snowblowers for sale in the paper. I think a lot of used snowblowers stay in families.

    debtinseattle – leftovers, hehe. We are doing that too πŸ™‚

    Save Sheila – we’ve briefly thought about moving somewhere warmer to have less snow, but we just love the area we are in too much. We’ll make it through the winter with our shovels and our yooper scoopers. It would just make life a little easier with a snowblower. But we really need to get out debt down more first.

So, what do you think ?