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Friday Blog Highlight


The first link isn’t to a blog, but an article. It’s always nice to see fellow bloggers be mentioned in the media. USNews.com just did a story about Blogging Your Way to Retirement Goals and several fellow personal finance bloggers were mentioned. I’m a little tunnel-visioned at the moment and not thinking too much about retirement. But as the debt goes down…saving for a comfortable retirement is next on my agenda.

Now, onto the blog posts that caught my eye this week….

Dawn at Frugal for Life is asking How are you Saving Money this Holiday? Pop on by to submit your ideas and read the ones already submitted.

My Financial Awareness has an article on Why Aren’t You Rich? It May Be Your Beliefs. I was just thinking about that not too long ago. I sometimes don’t have the best perception of myself and I think that holds me back. I’m going to try this exercise this weekend and see what happens.

So, what do you think ?