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A Little Surprise Received With a Trip to the Grocery Store


Yesterday, my husband and son went to the grocery store to buy a few groceries. When they came home, my son ran upstairs and showed me two nice crisp dollar bills. “Somebody gave me these,” he said excitedly. I asked who, and he just replied, “A lady.”

That sparked my curiousity, so I quickly asked my husband where the money came from. Sometimes strangers have offered to buy my son a candy bar or something, but no one has ever given him money.

It turns out that one of the local banks was conducting a survey on banking and were targeting people outside of the grocery store. For a few minutes of your time, they were giving out $2.00.

This is the first time that something has happened like that to us. I’m aware of online surveys – but not paid surveys on the street.

Anyone else have an experience like this for survey participation? How much were you paid?


  • Reply Trent |

    I was once paid $1 to tell a guy what radio stations I listened to regularly. He was standing at a bank drive-through, a car’s length from the window.

  • Reply ry |

    First time I ever saw something like this was at a new bar I went to… a rush of about 4 people walked in with backpacks and laptops and asked if you smoked.. offered you a pack of cigarettes or a lighter to take a survey

  • Reply Bo |

    A couple of years ago, I was contacted over the phone and asked a few questions to see if I fit into a certain demographic. I did, and they gave me information on a 3-hour marketing survey group. I went. The company would ask the group (about 100 people) questions about commercials or new products they were thinking about releasing. We gave our input and afterwards received $60.

  • Reply Amber |

    The company that I do random things for on occasion (mystery shopping and theater checks) had a recent survey one where they wanted me to stand outside an Albertsons with a bunch of $5 bills to hand out to people who participate in the survey. I declined because I’m not the type who likes doing that sort of thing, but thought it interesting.

  • Reply Toni |

    I once was asked to answer a survey in the lobby of a large movie theatre here. For doing it, I received a coupon good for a free movie ticket. At the time, it was worth about $8.50.

  • Reply jp |

    I used to work for a market research company. We were stationed in the mall and did surveys that paid from nothing up to $100 depending on the demographics and products etc. We even conducted phone surveys. It was interesting learning about products sometimes years before they hit the market place. There are surveys about everything and for everybody. It’s a huge part of business.

    It’s also an interesting way to make a bit of cash. Good Luck!

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