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If You Are Not Happy With the Price…Call


I received notice from my DSL company that my contract was about to expire. They gave me two options:

1.) Do nothing and my service would be $39.99/month with no contract

2.) Upgrade to their faster service and pay $27.99/month

Of course, I would rather have #2 because I am currently paying roughly $27.00/month for an average service. The problem is…I just opened the envelope with this deal today and it had already expired. Since things are a little cluttered in my household right now, I’m not sure if it just came recently or if I just threw it in a pile a while ago.

Since I didn’t meet the deadline, I was fearing the $39.99/month cost. So, I did something that I’m not really good at…I gave them a call tonight.

I explained the situation and before I knew it I was being transferred to their sales department. He quickly explained to me that I could remain with my current service at a price of $24.99/month. That was music to my ears. It’s cheaper than what I am currently paying and it’s a lot cheaper than what their notice listed.

It almost makes me wonder how many “price levels” internet companies have. So if you are unhappy with your cost, give your internet company a call. It doesn’t hurt to try to see if you can get a better deal.


  • Reply NCN |

    Blogging Away Debt,
    Good for you! It always pays to call, call, call, and call again!

    Loving the site,

    This comment is part of my “100 Comments Series” over at No Credit Needed.

  • Reply Zach Graham |

    Note to self: proper organization keeps stuff like this from happening :P. I’m a clutter bug, unfortunately, and deal with problems like this quite frequently. I’m working on changing that, however..

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