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Friday Blog Highlight


This week’s Friday Blog Highlight is another blogger who is trying to get out of debt.

“I am a single parent with 10 month old twins. I have substantial credit card debt from fertility treatments and recently started paying all household expenses myself. I am going to reduce my debt in the following year by generating additional income (second job, selling on e-Bay) and saving money on daily expenses.”

We all have our reasons for wanting to get out of our debt. Those reasons are what we hold onto for motivation – and let me tell ya, twinsmommy has two adorable reasons! 🙂

Something that I think everyone should do is to try to generate additional income to help battle your debt. Twinsmommy is sharing what she is doing to bring in some extra money.

If you’d like, take a peek over at Single Parent Reducing Debt and read what another person is doing about their debt.

So, what do you think ?