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Yay! My Garden Produced Something After All


I really wanted a garden this year, but I didn’t get it planted until the beginning of July. I dug up my garden with just a shovel and it was a pretty tough job due to the rocks and roots I uncovered. Not to mention the ant hill (although it really wasn’t a hill per se) I discovered.

The only thing I planted were pickling cucumbers (I call them pickles). They are a must-have summer favorite for me and the love for them dates back to when I was a child. Nothing was better than going out to the garden and picking a fresh pickle and eating it right then and there.

I’ve watched the plants grow the past few months, and I started losing hope of getting a single pickle out of the group for all I saw were the flowers. I even told my son a few days ago that we wouldn’t have any pickles from our garden this year. He loves pickles as much as I do and he was bummed.

Then, low and behold yesterday I spotted one. Then another. I was able to pick two small pickles to bring inside. After my son got home from school, I prepared them for us to eat and we had a little feast. Having a pickle in September was awesome. It almost makes me wonder if there is some way to have a winter garden inside and I may have to look into that.

If anyone has any ideas on an indoor garden, feel free to share. I’d love to try it if there is some advice out there on how to make it work.


  • Reply jim |

    We grew tomatoes, some spices, and peppers in planters outside on our deck this past spring/summer which turned out well. While that’s not exactly “indoor,” they were in planters and not in the ground…

  • Reply Tricia |

    jim – thanks for bringing up the idea of planters. I never thought of that one. I could start some of my plants like that and bring them in at night (so they don’t freeze). Where I live, unfortunately, there is a short growing season.

    twinsmommy – I use a lot of parsley, basil, oregano and thyme. The container they show on that website is actually on clearance at my local store! Hmm…I may have to look into doing that this winter. Thanks for the suggestion!

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