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Yay! It’s Friday, and Here is Friday’s Blog Highlight!


I haven’t really been on the ball this week.  I’m fighting a nasty sore throat and I’ve finally just recovered from a leg injury from last weekend.  I finally got around to paying some debt last night (to my Prosper Lenders, you’ll be happy to know I initiated my Prosper payment ;)) and probably later tonight I’ll update my debt tally after I pay one of my credit cards.

I’ve been so out of the loop that I just realized it’s Friday!  Time to highlight a blog and I can’t forget to do that!! 

This week, I’m highlighting another personal finance blog.  It’s one that is very well respected in the community and actually just highlighted my blog a few weeks ago. 

There’s a post that is a great reference for everyone: How to Personal Finance Edition.  He received entries from bloggers and posted them all right there in one spot.  He always has great ideas like that.

There’s also some calculators that the author, JLP, made himself.  I especially like The Power of Starting Young.  It’s too late for me, but there’s still time to help my son along.

JLP actually discusses some things that are over my head at this point (addition: not in a bad way though, I just seem to have debt tunnel vision).  But I’m finding that by reading blogs I’m processing new information better than with a textbook.  Perhaps because it isn’t so intimidating coming from a blogger.

Anyways, AllFinancialMatters has been around quite a while and there’s some great reading over there.   🙂


  • Reply More Bread |

    Thanks for posting about JPL and his site. I’m just getting into personal finance blogging and found it very informative. And I enjoy reading your blog as well. Keep up the good work!

  • Reply Matt |

    I to just got into the PF world and I’ve found JPL’s site very informative. But I’m finding your site pretty good too, very motivating since I too am in debt. I’ve been thinking about the debt post you put up yesterday but haven’t had the time to put together a story to email you just yet.

  • Reply JLP at AllFinancialMatters |


    Thanks for the kind words.

    FYI – if I ever post something “over-your-head,” send me an email and let me know.

    Also, I agree with Matt. Your blog is an inspiration and you are able to write from a perspective that lots of people can associate with. Scott Burns agrees (he’s never written about my blog)!

    Anyway, I appreciate your kind words. Have a great weekend!

  • Reply Tricia |

    JLP – oh no, I didn’t mean “over-my-head” in a bad way. I’m just so focused on debt, sometimes reading about investing in general is over my head. I’m not at that point yet so I am having a hard time processing it all.

    I know that your blog will be an awesome resource once I get to that stage in our finances. I just can’t wait to get there! 😉

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