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Ways I Save Money: Buy at the End of the Season


Pretty soon, it will be time to put plastic up on our windows and buckle down the house for a very long winter. Taking measures to keep the heat in our home (and the cold out) really helps with our heating bills.

But all that plastic does cost money (we use the window size shrinking plastic sheets).

What I do is buy ahead for the next year. Usually around March the weatherproofing materials are on clearance at Walmart. That’s when I purchase our plastic. If I happen to catch them when they are really cheap I even buy more for another winter.

Right now, we are set for the next two winters for plastic. And the cost was $5.00.

Just keep an eye out and watch to see if those prices get marked down 😉

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  • Reply Dan and Marlis Williams |

    We have eliminated over $30K in debt in 18 months by following the plan we wrote about in our book called “Does God Prefer Paper or Plastic?”

    1.) Make a list of all your debt (payments and balance), then make a list of all your expenses with the average dollar amount.
    2.) Set up FOUR bank accounts. DEBT account is used to pay debts only., EXPENSE Account is used to pay all expenses only. EMERGENCY account is used for emergencies only! SAVINGS account is for things we know are coming but usually cost more than we have on hand, such as holidays, birthdays, vacations, etc.
    3.) You will have divide each paycheck into your accounts according to Debt payments, Expense amounts, Savings and Emergency fund.
    3.) Pay the minimum on all of your accounts and then build up $1000 in your emergency fund. Now pay the minimum on everything and start paying off the smallest debt you have. Then start paying off the next smallest debt and so on. You can do it, but you must STOP using credit cards!

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