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TGIF – Friday’s Blog Highlight


I was so engulfed in shopping for health insurance that I almost forgot that today is Friday!

Today’s blog is one that was a big inspiration for me to take action against my debt. She started with a total of $19,794.23 back in May of 2005 and her last payment towards her debt was in July 2006. A little over a year and she is now debt-free.

In her very first entry, she reveals that her debt started when she was 18 with a $500 limit credit card. That’s exactly how mine started too.

She also would post on ways she saved money, and even ended up saving money on car insurance after she moved and updated her address.

She also shared reader success stories to show how others were reducing their debt.

Defying Debt…in 2 Years is now retired for the debt chapter in her life is closed. Normally, when authors stop writing on their blogs I remove them from my blogroll. But not this one. For anyone fighting debt, it’s nice to read from start to finish from someone who did it.

Thank you lpkitten for sharing your story and helping to inspire me to finally become debt-free 🙂

So, what do you think ?