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Some Great Suggestions on How to Write a Prosper Loan Listing


While surfing the web during a cleaning break, I came across an article written by a Prosper Lender that has some great tips for those about to list a loan with Prosper.

How to Write a Good Prosper Loan Request

If you are thinking of trying Prosper for a loan, I highly suggest reading any suggestions on how to write a good loan request written by Lenders. It can increase your chances of your loan request being funded.

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    Cool! Thanks for the link Tricia. By the way, I was inspired by your move from blogspot to do my own site move…. my new site will be http://www.topicpoint.com (still working on some of the templates). Also, sometime you should write an article about referral & ad programs and what works – I see you have many on your site!

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