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Friday Blog Highlight!


This week’s highlight blog is another personal finance blog, and the blogger has a very different financial situation than I. While my net worth is still a big negative, his net worth is creeping up on $600,000.

Here are a few reasons I visit his blog:

1.)  He is very thorough with explaining and analyzing things. A good example is his look at a possible move to Chicago.  I like seeing that detail, and it motivates me to really think before making decisions that will affect our finances.

2.)  He posts net worth increases like this one. Having an increase of over $25K in a month is awesome! You may wonder if I am jealous about that. Of course, it would be nice to have net worth increases like that, but I’m not really jealous. Instead, I am very thankful he is blogging about his finances because maybe I can learn valuable information!

3.)  He’s a Quicken Nut like I am. I say Quicken Nut in a good way though 🙂

4.)  He discusses asset allocation. That’s still a pretty new thing to me, but I am learning. Once our debt is gone – we will be in the saving and investing arena (that still sounds very weird to say).

Makingourway, thank you for blogging.  For this family in debt, you provide an inspiration to where we would like to be financially some years down the road.  Keep blogging – I’ll keep reading and learning 😉


  • Reply makingourway |

    thanks so much – i appreciate the kudos. I’d like to return it by saying how inspiring I find your progress.
    i don’t discuss it right in the blog, but despite excellent earnings, my finances just after college were in complete disarray. I was earning about $150k/year and spending more than I was earning! Too much money in too foolish hands! The income didn’t last forever, the spending didn’t stop when it did. I had a huge mess on my hands!
    So I have complete sympathy with your journey and admire the gains you’ve made.
    Best wishes,

    PS I’m looking forward to your next Quicken post – they are VERY good – have you forwarded it to intuit? You might develop a freelance oppty with them.

  • Reply Tricia |

    makingourway – you know, I have been curious about how things started financially for you. Thank you for sharing that info.

    As for Quicken – unfortunately it takes me a bit of time to set up the dummy account and take all the screen shots. I do have some ideas floating in my head for tutorials, but I just am lacking the time to do them. I haven’t forwarded them to Intuit, but I do know someone there has checked out my blog (thanks to statcounter ;)).

    Upon your nudge, perhaps I will try to do a tutorial today (on the subject you had asked about). Thank you for your compliment 🙂

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