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Credit Card Debt Update = $26,996


I spent some time this morning catching up my Quicken file. It’s not quite there yet, but at least my check register is updated and I have a better idea of how much money I could put to debt this month.

Credit Card Debt Update = $26,996
Total Paid Since Starting this Blog in February = $10,618

I am heavily forecasting our expenses for the month of October. I still have to find someone to do our home repair (I’ve left messages but haven’t heard back from anyone yet) and I am putting a guess of $700 for the repair. With the overtime I’ve worked the past few weeks, the extra work I plan on doing this week, and the eBay selling I’m hoping to accomplish – I sent an extra $400 to one of our credit cards.

I hope I forecasted well enough to make sure we do not have to pull out the credit cards due to lack of cash. I vividly remember how that made me feel when I had to do it before.

So, what do you think ?