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August’s Income and Expense Report is Here!


Without further ado, here is my August Income and Expense Report. My comments are below.

Here are a few general things to note:

Income: This category includes all money coming into our home which includes employment (gross), business & blog income as well as money from selling personal belongings and gift certificates received.

Finance Charges: This category includes all credit card finance charges as well as the interest from my Prosper loan.

Interest Expense: This category includes interest payments made for our mortgage, school loans and auto loan.

Taxes: This category includes all taxes such as income, property and sales taxes.

Now for the specifics:

I can’t hold the next thing in too much longer…our grocery and dining expenses went down! Yay! Now, we just have to keep that up!

Overall, I am pleased with August. We spent less than we earned and made a nice dent in our debt. However, there’s always room for improvement πŸ˜‰


  • Reply jason |

    There’s definitely room for improvement $39 in cigarettes??? and $81 in telephone calls? Did you know skype (until the end of the year) has free calls to any land line or cell phone in the U.S. until the end of the year? And international rates are quite reasonable too.

  • Reply Ry |

    How’d you spend $0 on garbage, internet, and water?? Billing cycles that big of a difference?

  • Reply Tricia |

    Ry – my garbage costs are every three months for actual pick-up ($27.00). I also put in there any garbage bag costs. My water is every two months (~51.00). Now, for the internet – thanks! The cost is bundled with my telephone and I neglected to split it out. I will revise.

    Jason – yes, the cigarettes went up a bit for August. My normal “cheap” rolling tobacco was not available so I bought another brand that I am used to (it’s more expensive). I also didn’t spend much in July, so my spending is higher in August. Overall, cigarettes should average out to around $20/month. Of course, though – I will be attempting to quit soon. Right now I am figuring out my game plan.

    As for the telephone, I didn’t split out the internet so once I fix that, it will be a little lower. What we have for telephone is just a basic, local calling plan. I then purchase airtime on an AT&T Sam’s Club calling card (~4 cents/minute). We make very few calls in total (would you believe only around 8 local calls/month!). As for the long distance, I call my mom about once a week and my husband calls his mom about once a month. That is the extent of our telephone calls. Our cellphone is emergency only, but we have been racking up some minutes every two months (it’s a tracphone). We have been using that to make some long distance calls, but we always shoot to keep 200 minutes on the phone, just in case.

    A lot of the features found with telephone plans are found elsewhere, but not where I live πŸ™ Plus, with our DSL plan, we have to have at least the basic land line (which we have). In August, I refilled our telephone card. I will look into Skype, however, for the long distance. I have heard buzz about it, but I admit I have not looked into it. Thanks for mentioning it.

    Thanks to you both for your comments!

  • Reply Matt |

    Putting up such detailed information is both brave and insipiring. I think I’ll be doing something similar in the near future. Looks like you’re making great progress keep it up!!

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