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August Reports Put on Hold


I was hoping to have August’s income and expense reports ready by today – but I apologize. It’s just not going to happen for I can’t concentrate on it.

I have spent most of the weekend cleaning and organizing. To those who know me well, when I get deep into a project like that, it means that something is on my mind.

Tomorrow is my son’s first day of kindergarten and I am nervous beyond belief. He has went to preschool for the last two years, but the “big school” is a different story. At the preschool, there were two teachers and one assistant (plus any parent volunteers) per class of around 15 children. In kindergarten, there will be one teacher for even more children.

I’ve been busy trying to make sure my son knows what bus he rides to school and what bus he rides home. I’m also still working with him on his teacher’s name (unfortunately, it’s difficult to pronounce). He knows his phone number, which is great. But his address is still a little tough for him.

One reason I am really nervous is because my son is behind in his speech. My husband and I can make out most of what he says, but others have difficulty understanding him. I worry that if he gets lost in the school he may have a hard time getting back where he needs to go. He’s also very shy (inherited from his mother) and is very quiet.

Another reason is that my son told me today that he was scared. I can’t blame the little guy. He was scared his first day of preschool too, but mom rode the bus with him and within a few minutes of arriving at the school he wanted me to leave. I have decided that mom will get on her bike (for the first time in about two years – yikes!) and ride to the school to be there when he gets off the bus.

I can’t stay the whole day, but I’m sure my son is just looking for a little reassurance and once he gets in his classroom he will tell me to go home (he’s never had a problem with separation anxiety). Maybe I am being overly worried and I should just stick him on the bus and let him do everything on his own. But I just can’t.

I think I need reassurance too that they will take good care of him.

I’m sure my son and I will make it through tomorrow. I just have those butterflies in my stomach just like when it was my first days of school. I am wondering now if I will be able to sleep tonight LOL.


  • Reply tiredbuthappy |

    Good luck tomorrow! I think that’s a great solution, to put him on the bus but meet him at the school to help him get to his classroom the first time.

    My son is moving up from the toddler classroom to preschool at his daycare this week. I’m freaking out too. There will be 3 teachers for 20 kids, instead of 3 teachers for 12 kids. And over there the kids are just so…big. He is very talkative and assertive, but I am worried about not having the same rapport with the teachers that I have now. This is our 3rd daycare in 2.5 years, so I’ve been really happy to have finally found teachers for him that I love. And now we have to leave them! πŸ™

    Anyway, I guess we all lived through the first day of preschool, and kindergarten, and junior high, and high school, and our first job, and so on. Our sons will survive too. The question is, will WE survive?!

  • Reply Tricia |

    t – thanks, I changed it πŸ™‚

    tiredbuthappy – thanks, glad I’m not alone with the freaking-out-mommy-thing. I’m sure I’ll make it through it…it’s just sooo hard.

  • Reply Joane |

    My third child (out of four) could not make himself understood in Kindergarten. One day, he was standing in front of the class with tears rolling down his eyes because no one could understand what he said. We could; no one else could. It turned out he needed speech therapy, which he went through until high school. He was shy in school but thrived at scholastics. I am very happy to tell you that he had excellent speech therapists at his public schools, and he graduated from high school at the top. He then went on to graduate from a very, very prestigious college and has a great job making far more money than his talkative mother. Happily married, he just bought his first house at 24. And he is a happy employee of a software company – and gives software demos all the time. With no shyness. Hang in there. He will do as well as YOU do.

  • Reply CC |

    You are not freaking out for nothing, my oldest are twins and they started school a few weeks ago and it was much harder on me than them I think!

  • Reply Tricia |

    Joane – thanks for the words of support and sharing your story. It was discussed to have my son in speech therapy, but the school officials have just said he is a late bloomer. He is just behind. To make things a little worse, he will not be 5 for a few months, so he is younger than most of the other kids. Taking the advice of his preschool teacher, we signed him up for kindergarten. She didn’t have any reservations with him going this year. I hope we made the right decision.

    CC – I just wrote about it…it was harder on me LOL.

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