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Where are the Posts?


I feel bad. I try to post at least once a day and perhaps even twice. I always like reading things that are updated often so I have been trying to do it.

I just am having a REALLY rough week time-wise. I stayed up all night on Monday night to get some work done and Tuesday night (well, Wednesday morning) I crashed around 1am and overslept for work. Not good. So I ended up being a little behind. So I was playing major catch-up today and I am just pooped.

I tried writing a thoughtful post, but I can’t. Unfortunately, I still have some work to do tonight and probably won’t be able to crash until around 2am.

In light of this, I’ve made a decision. One of my part time jobs is going bye-bye. I really dislike quitting jobs, but I have to for my sanity. I am just too overextended.

It will affect our debt reduction a little bit. I was making about $100/month at that job. Now I just have to figure out if there is anything else that we can cut spending wise to make up for it and the perfect culprit is groceries and dining! That is one of our biggest trouble areas.

More on how I plan on doing that later. Shortly, I’m going to lay down and get a few zzzz’s before my husband gets home. He will hopefully be able to wake me up and I can work for a while and go back to bed.

I am soooo looking forward to the weekend.


  • Reply Jen in Texas |

    I had cut out the article that Scott Burns wrote in the Dallas Morning News. I finally got around on Tuesday to checking your site out. I have spent the last two days reading every post through February. How inspiring it has been! Thank you for the ride, the updates and the HOPE! I can’t wait to finish the journey with you. Best of luck!

  • Reply Dawn |

    Hi Tricia,

    I can see how it must be hard to leave a job when you are working so hard and making such great progress. Hopefully it will make it easier to continue doing quality work for your other work commitments. I hope you had a wonderful anniversary! Did you go back to the park where you had the ceremony?

    Take care!
    Dawn and the crew

  • Reply Claire |

    Hi Tricia,

    Just read your blog, and it’s been great reading. As another one of the millions trying to pay off credit card debts, it’s great to see someone making such good progress – keep up the good work and best of luck.

    Claire, London

  • Reply Tricia |

    Jen – wow, thank you for your nice words! That makes me feel great that others see the hope because that\’s something I feel strongly about.

    Dawn – well, we had an okay anniversary. We both had to work, so no going back to the park πŸ™ It was nice, though, the hubby surprised me with Subway for lunch πŸ˜‰

    Claire – thank you so much for the well wishes. All the best to you as well and thanks for the link! As soon as I get a chance I\’ll be adding more links and will be adding you. I think it\’s great to get some insight from someone from another country πŸ™‚

  • Reply Financial Freak |


    I know how you feel on the over extension. I was supposed to meet with a friend/Client tonight and she didn’t show…. I have other things I can be doing beyond wasting my time waiting for others. Right now my time is really valuable and if you are going to set an appointment with me, keep it or call me to tell me you cancel!

    Don’t let me waste my time. I have other things I could have accomplished this evening. In the hour I wasted waiting.

  • Reply Tricia |

    Financial Freak – I used to have to meet with clients and it was horrible to be stood up. I know how you feel! It’s sort of like waiting for a phone call and there is a million other things you could be doing. Times like those, I just try to use to think of things to blog about now πŸ˜‰

So, what do you think ?