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Ways I Save Money: Grocery Shop in the Morning


The best deals can often be found in the morning hours at the grocery store. That’s when department managers go through perishable products and mark them down. One of my favorite things to find reduced is bagged salad lettuce. Although it may be close-dated, it’s still good to eat as long as the lettuce isn’t brown. We would then have a salad for dinner that night.

I also head straight to the meat department for marked down ground beef. Our store calls it “yesterday’s beef” and I have found it as low as $1.69/pound. That is a great deal for where I live. I buy up to 12 packages if they have them and freeze them immediately when I get home. That lasts us quite a few weeks.

It’s also good to shop in the morning because the department managers are usually working. They are the ones with the authority to mark down products. If you happen to find a poor looking (but still good) head of lettuce among better looking ones, you can probably negotiate a lower price if you ask.


  • Reply debt in seattle |

    That’s a great tip. I normally just stock up on meat when it goes on sale. Around here, whole fryer chicken will gon on sale at $.79 a pound and I will buy 15-20 of them and freeze it. I still have a ton of them left but will buy more when they go on sale again.

  • Reply Sandra Jensen |

    Excellent Tip! I have found that you can ask the department managers what time they do their mark downs – they are always willing to let you know and are happy to see you show up when they are slashing prices.

    If you get marked down produce be sure and look for items you can freeze too – ie chop up celery and onions and green peppers, (etc) and toss them in the freezer.

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