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The Best Things in Life are on the Side of the Road with a “Free” Sign


A little dramatic for a title, I know. But I’m just pretty darn excited about what I found today. There have been many times we’ve been driving around and saw furniture on the side of the road, but we normally don’t stop because our car is just too small to bring it home.

Today, though, was different. There it was…a couch with a wood frame in nice shape. I could just feel my heart beating faster because we are in despirate need of a new couch. And it was right across the street!

When I first saw it, I was still working. I also didn’t see a sign on it indicating it was free. So I kept working and kept thinking about it. After work, I went outside and it was still there. This time, it had a nice yellow “Free” sign on it. Bingo!

I called out to my son and pointed it out to him. My son, who is such a little mini-me, said “Let’s go look at it.” So we ventured across the street.

There’s a few scratches in the wood, but that can just be made to look better with a little furniture polish. The upholstery itself is in great shape. Whoever had this couch took care of it. It isn’t necessarily a fabric style that I would choose if I bought a brand new couch – but it matches our living room color perfectly. It was as though it was meant to be.

I looked to my son, to ask what he thinks of it. He hopped on it and said, “This is nice.”

Decision made…we’re taking it. But with just my son and I, how would we get it home?

I went into brainstorm mode and do what I call, “Letting out my inner MacGyver.” Looking in our garage, I tried to see if there was anything we could use to help us get it home. And there it was – my son’s wagon. I could lift the couch up on its side, move the wagon underneath it and then slowly lower the couch on top of the wagon. It could just be rolled home and into our garage.

It worked just as planned. Now when my husband gets home we’ll bring it into the house.

I am so excited! πŸ™‚


  • Reply Jed |

    I love this! You got something you needed, for no money, you did someone else a service by removing something that they no longer wanted, and finally, you did something nice for the environment by reusing something that otherwise would have gone to waste.

    The title was not at all over-dramatic for the score that this was. Pictures! Post pictures πŸ™‚

  • Reply Tricia |

    Thanks everyone πŸ™‚

    I’ve been doing some cleaning in our porch so we can bring it in there. Then, over the next few days I’ll give it a good cleaning and a little polish then we’ll bring it into the living room.

    I will definitely post a pic when it’s in the house.

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