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Carnival of Debt Reduction is Up!


NCN at the No Credit Needed Blog is hosting this week’s Carnival of Debt Reduction and he’s even made it a podcast! Go check it out!

My favorite this week comes from My Financial Awareness, Anger and Blame will not Change the Situation.

Here’s a quote from the article “…if you think anger and blame will solve the problem (any problem you have), you will just find yourself woven tighter in the issue without a light at the end of the tunnel.”

I catch myself whenever I start to say that my credit cards are evil and essentially place blame for my debt on them. Yes, some of their tactics have been questionable, but in the end it was I who decided to use them to pay for purchases. I was the one spending money beyond my means. Instead of placing blame, I am now taking that energy and working on solutions to my problem (earning more money & spending less money). And let me tell you, just changing my approach to the problem has made a huge difference.

So, what do you think ?