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Yet Another Recall on My Car?


My little car appears like it will be recalled for the third time. It’s not official yet because I haven’t received word from the manufacturer, but I just read a story on the recall. For this possible third time, it is for the engine.

The closest dealer to our home is over 2 hours away. We never took it in for the floor boards because that is an extensive repair that could take more than a day to complete. With the faulty engine part, chances are it will definitely take more than a day. We could either stay in a motel (and miss work) and hope it can be done in two days. Or, rent a car while down there to drive back home and just drive back down when the car is done.

Either way, it will cost a bit and that’s why we haven’t taken it in for the floor boards. But with the engine problem, that should probably be repaired soon.

Our car has been very reliable and we really haven’t paid that much for repairs. But the recalls are hurting our wallet. I think I just moved myself to write a letter to the company asking why they do not allow a mechanic in our area to perform the repairs.


  • Reply Quo |

    Have you asked if they could give you a loaner car to use?
    Afterall it is their recall. Hope you have luck and blessings with
    getting it repaired.


  • Reply D |

    I was just going to say what Quo did. Most dealers will give you a loaner
    if it is going to take longer than a day.

    What’s up with this comment thing? The box goes off into infinity on the right.
    Don’t know what I’m writing over there…no slide to slide over and look.

    Incase you didn’t know.


  • Reply Tricia |

    Unfortunately, the dealer does not have loaner cars and they suggested I rent a car locally. It would have been great if they had a loaner.

    D – thanks for the heads up on the comment box. I’ll take a look at it soon.

  • Reply Simon |

    Hi !
    i purchased toyota camry 92(119K)(automatic) 4 months ago , it is making lot of noise when you press the accelerator & when you shift the gear mode from “P” to “R” the RPM goes down to 1 from 2 and when you change it to “D” it again goes up to 2 from 1.

    from 0-40mph the RPM reaches upto 3 and more. and further it suddenly drops from 3 to 2. till then the engine struggles for pick up but once it drops to 2 RPM it goes smoothly, it does happen usually on free way.

    due to this there is no pickup in the engine and it is giving very bad gas mileage. ( recently i have changed its air filter)

    please help me sir, i am very much confused.
    Thank you

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