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When You Hear the Music, the Kids (and Adults) Come Running


I was sitting on the couch the other day when I heard kid songs playing and I could hear them coming closer. I ran to the window to look and low and behold, it was an ice cream truck!

I’ve only heard about ice cream trucks and never saw one actually cruising the streets waiting for kids (except in the movies). Being a new experience for me and also my son, we ran across the street to grab a treat. Along the way, we were stopped by a little boy with ice cream in his hand and in a very hurried sentence told me that he heard the music and hopped on his bike and rode all the way over here see what it was making the music. The wide eyes and the ear to ear smile on his face was one that I will not soon forget.

The ice cream was pretty expensive ($1.00 for a push-up pop) and I ended up spending over $2.00 for our treat when we could have bought a quart of ice cream from the grocery store. But sometimes just the experience makes up for spending an extra dollar.


  • Reply D |

    I think you made a good decision to splurge on this memory. I still remember vividly the ice cream truck that came by everyday at my grandmothers when we were there on summer vacation.

    We skinned our knees and palms running to that truck, but still to this day I smile at the memory and am greatful for the experience. Everytime I here that wonderful noise my heart speeds up like I am 7 and I am wanting that ice cream all over.

  • Reply Blaine Moore |

    I bought a house a few months ago that is about a half an hour from my old apartment. We weren’t able to escape the ice cream man, though. I heard the truck and figured that the fleet just made its way out here. But no, it was the same driver and everything.

  • Reply Tricia |

    Blaine – that’s funny. Half an hour away is a long drive especially with the high gas prices. You must have been a good customer – LOL.

    D – my son wasn’t too thrilled during the moment. He’s pretty shy. But afterwords he opened up a bit about it. Yeah, a little splurge was worth it 🙂

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