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The Balance Transfer Blues


Ever have that feeling in your stomache that tells you that maybe something bad is going to happen? I have that feeling, and I can pinpoint it to the shifting of funds I have done lately. I’m working right now on getting my new debt picture posted for June and I do not like what I see (sorry – still working on it, but I had to get this out).

I like the fact that the interest rates are lowered now. But I do not like the fact that there are many more payments to make and more accounts to watch. Maybe because I was comfortable with the payment schedule I have had for so long. Gosh, I hope that’s it and I’m not having a psychic vision of financial headaches to come.

I tend to rely VERY heavily on my gut and my gut is saying that it doesn’t like my debt spread out like it is. I’m not sure what to do about it, though. In hindsight, perhaps I should have asked for a larger loan with Prosper. Then again, I might not have received the 9.9% interest rate.

When I post the picture (later tonight), you’ll see what I mean. As always, any comments are appreciated.

So, what do you think ?