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Introducing…Credit Card # 7!


I welcomed another credit card into the family. You may be wondering why I would be getting another credit card since I have so many already.

The key here was a balance transfer offer! Zero percent for one year!

I thought it was a slim chance that I would get it, but I did. And on top of that, I received a $7,500 limit. I know…I’m scratching my head too on how I was able to get another card. But, somehow I feel fate is helping me.

See, Credit Card #2 has that huge balance sitting at 13.99%. I have the ability to transfer $8,000 onto Credit Card #4. But that is the only card I can do it with. Unfortunately, the other cards with available balances are from the same “family” as Credit Card #2. And they do not allow balance transfers to similar cards.

With this new card, I now can transfer $15,500 from Credit Card #2 and have a balance of roughly $3,500 left. Now I need to decide whether to keep that balance on the card and pay it off first, or explore other means of reducing the interest rate πŸ˜‰

Hopefully if Blogger is cooperative, I’ll be posting my game plan this weekend.


  • Reply Molly's Brother |

    Good luck with this. Just make sure you stay current on this account, otherwise you might be facing an APR that’s higher than the one you already have.

    Read the fine print. Please.

    I’m pulling for you, but I wonder if it was smart to get a 7th cc.

  • Reply Kim L. |

    I’m glad you got it! Hopefully that will really help you make a difference!

    p.s. I like the new layout.

  • Reply Tricia |

    Molly’s Brother – you are right. I have to be very careful with this account but I am always VERY careful to make sure I pay my accounts on time. The biggest problem that I have made in the past with getting a new card and using a balance transfer is then filling up the card that I just reduced the balance on. Seeing as though I am pretty focused on reducing debt, I don’t think that will happen again. I do not want to have to post an increase in debt for month end. I will sell as much stuff as I can before I want to post that. Thank you for caring – it means alot!! πŸ™‚

    Kim – with 0% for a year, it sure is a lot of savings on finance charges so I am VERY excited. But like Molly’s Brother commented, I just have to be very careful things don’t go bad.

So, what do you think ?