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What’s on the Menu for Easter Dinner?


We usually have larger dinners for major holidays, sometimes a ham or sometimes a turkey. But we thought about it, and we decided to do something a little different for Easter this year.

We purchased what we needed to make awesome subs!

We are going to bring our cooler out of storage, pack it up with all of our items and hike out to a remote spot along the lake to dine. I am so excited and I hope the weather is beautiful tomorrow. There’s something about simplifying things that I find romantic. Who needs a big spread at the dinner table when you can have an awesome view and an opportunity for the family to bond. 🙂

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  • Reply Chitown |

    Mom and Granny are cooking over at my parent’s house and we are having a big feast of yes, turkey and ham…yummo. Best thing about it…it’s free!!! Your day sounds fun and fulfilling too. Enjoy!!! =)

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