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A Little Bit More About Me – What Do I Collect?


I’ve been reading some Personal Finance blogs today and I came across one that I have to mention. Why? Because they have an awesome pic of a bird that I have a great respect for…the Bald Eagle. A thanks to Mountain Girl for showing us why The Best Things in Life are Free. I certainly have to agree 🙂

Those who enter my house will pick right away that I love Bald Eagles because I am a bit of a collector of Bald Eagle items. I have knives, jewlery boxes, binoculars, band-aids, back scratchers, spoons, whiskey bottle – all with Bald Eagles on them. I started by collecting figurines, but I soon had too many. Now I look for the odd things. My collection will never be worth thousands, and probably not even more than a few hundreds of dollars (I don’t think any single thing in my collection cost over $15). But I guess it is a way to have the beauty and strength of the Bald Eagle surrounding me in my home.

I have yet to see one this year, and one day I would love to catch the courtship flight of two Bald Eagles. For those unfamiliar with some habits of Bald Eagles, they generally mate for life (but will “remarry” if they lose a partner). Every year, the male and female eagle do a courtship flight. They start high in the sky and position themselves so their talons are locked together. They tumble and do cartwheels around and around, falling rapidly to the ground. At the last second, they release their talons and fly back up to the sky before hitting the ground.

That, to me, would be absolutely priceless to witness.

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