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I Transferred the Wrong Balance!!


I can’t believe it. When I transferred the balance for my one card I also decided to transfer some money to another card. Well, I screwed up the transfer on the one card! I can’t believe I did it – I sent the balance transfer to my card that was already at a zero balance for the life of the transfer!


So, instead of being at zero percent – it is at 5.9%. As Homer Simpson would say….. DOH!

Not only that, but there is a huge credit on that card now. This has really put a little crimp in my plan to rid my debt. I have to go back to the drawing board and figure out what do to now. This weekend I will be posting my game plan.

It’s a setback – but with determination it can be overcome 🙂

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  • Reply bruce |

    Be careful, ask lots of questions, and do the math when looking into balance transfers. Discover is willing to let me transfer a balance from AMEX…but Discover’s minimum payment is 4% of balance……AMEX is 2%. As much as I’d like the lower rate, I’m not in a position right now to pay 4%.
    I was able to call AMEX and explain (truthfully) about the transfer offer and rate from Discover, and they did lower my rate, albeit modestly. Obviously, they would not be willing to do anything if I had any black marks on my payment record (hint:I set up automatic online payments to many of my creditors….that way there’s never a question of whether the check was written or received or late)

So, what do you think ?