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Spending, Spending, Spending…


I can’t yet fit into my pre-maternity clothes and was adamant that I wouldn’t buy new ones. This would have worked out if my office would allow me wear sweatpants and tank tops until I lose those darn last 8 pounds but surprisingly, they won’t qualify shabby cotton as appropriate.

To make matters worse, I’m not sure my clothes will EVER fit the same when I do lose those final 8 pounds. I’ve got curves in places I’ve never had curves before. Someone should have warned me!

When I told my husband about my predicament, he suggested I temporarily wear my maternity clothes.

When he regained consciousness, I informed him that wouldn’t be happening.

I spent some quality time at the thrift store and at discount clothing stores equipped with my coupons and $65 dollars later, I added a few dresses and skirts to my collection. Let’s just hope by the time my coworkers notice I’m rotating the same 6 outfits, I’ll be able to squeeze into my old clothes.

How’d Work Go?


I know it’s not necessarily debt related – other than it’s where I get money to pay down debt – but I thought I’d share how my first week back at work went.

The first day was easier than I thought. I was so focused on getting ready, getting him fed, and packing supplies, I didn’t really have the time to get depressed about leaving. At work, I was overwhelmed with meetings and projects, and didn’t even have time to eat lunch.

The second day was when everything hit. The nerves had settled and I couldn’t make it out the door without crying.

I’ve regretted the decisions I’ve made about money in the past, but nothing makes you more miserable than the realization that your money decisions are keeping you from the things you love most.

BUT, I am so grateful to my husband who works lots of overtime so I have a few months of working part-time. I’m not quite sure how I got so lucky to be married to him, but you can bet both he and baby get lots of hugs these days.