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Good Workout? No Gym Required…


I haven’t been released to exercise since I came down with pneumonia, but I figured I could exercise a little without doing too much damage. Never mind the fact that I haven’t exerted any sort of physical energy for the last 60 or so days. I was just so tired of feeling like a sick train wreck, I thought exercising might make me feel more like the old me.

My husband bought me the Wii Active More Workouts game for Christmas so I figured that would be a good place to start. Users are given the option to choose easy, medium, or hard workouts. Given my current situation, I chose… medium.

The overachiever in me is incapable of choosing any option labeled ‘easy’.

And maybe, this choice would have been fine… had I not exchanged the flimsy resistance band from the package to my ultra strong 3 layer band.

31 minutes later I was sweating, gasping for breath, and wishing I had taught my dog to fetch my inhaler. Just thinking about the ‘hard’ level gives me night terrors.

I’m cancelling my gym membership.