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4 Benefits of Choosing Private Education for Your Child


Getting a good education is one of the most important things in life. It can help shape the future and make it possible to make a lot of money, therefore giving access to a comfortable lifestyle. If you’re a parent and you’re wondering whether to take your child to a private school or a public school, read on. You’ll see four of the benefits that you can offer them when you choose a private education. These benefits could end up making private education one of the most worthwhile investments you can make in your family.

1. They’ll Access More Extra-Curricular Activities

When you send your child to private school, they may have access to many more extra-curricular activities than they’d have had in public school. These will differ from one private school to another, given the fact that these details are usually decided by the founders of the school. You should therefore search for a private school that offers the activities that you feel would best suit your child. With more than 30,000 private schools in America, according to CAPE, this shouldn’t be too hard for you to do. With access to these activities, you can be sure that your child will enjoy a more enriched education in general.

2. They’ll Have a Better Chance of Going to College

Students from private schools have a higher chance of attending college than their peers from public schools. This is a great reason for you to put your child in a good private school. More incentive for you to do this is based on the fact that if they excel, they may be given a grant or scholarship and therefore save you money. Private schools are quite likely to have organizations and bodies governing them to help ensure that their students attain the best results. For instance, the NSC was founded in 1931 by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP), reflecting the profound commitment of school leaders to student leadership development, according to the National Student Council website.

3. Parental Involvement Is Prioritized

In private schools, parental involvement is made easier, with more opportunities given to parents to take part in their children’s education. This is a positive thing since the more that a parent is involved in their child’s education, the better the chances that the student will excel. This is an important consideration to make because sometimes, a parent may have to juggle a number of things in order to play an active role in their child’s education.

This is true for all parents, but especially parents who may be going through a divorce. Speaking of divorce, note that it’s possible to get a divorce in Pennsylvania in as few as 90 days from the time that the complaint is filed and served if it’s uncontested. If you can get the chance to take part in your children’s education, you’re soon going to see the benefits of doing so.

4. The Environment in Private Schools Can be Safer

Finally, private schools offer a much safer environment. This is in part a result of the smaller student populations in private schools. The staff in private schools are also put through a rigorous process before they get hired, and this means that they’re competent in ensuring each student’s safety. If a student bullies their fellow students, they may be identified a lot faster and the appropriate action was taken on them. This means that you’re less likely to hear cases of bullying in private schools.

These benefits should motivate you to choose a private education for your child. Doing so is sure to work out well for them in the future. That said, take time to find the right private school so that you can be sure your child is in the best school environment as far as you can help it.

Bad Things Come in Threes


My late Grandmother used to be very superstitious. I remember as a child when something bad would happen she would warn us to be careful because “bad things come in threes!” Maybe Grandma was right because we’ve been hit with our fair share of bad luck with house-related repairs recently.

Three Recent (Unplanned) Home Repairs:

The first was an unexpected roof repair.

We’ve had some bad storms this summer and after one particularly rough one with high winds (there were downed trees all over our neighborhood to give an example of just how strong the winds were), we noticed some of the tiles from our roof had flown off! Luckily there wasn’t any major damage beneath (no leaks or anything), but we knew this was a repair that was needed ASAP! It was just last month and it cost $500 to replace a few tiles and do some additional repairs that were needed.

Next, we needed an emergency plumber.

The handle in our kids’ shower has been “sticking” for a while. The girls have complained about how difficult it is to turn the water on and off. I’ve just ignored it and done nothing about it (ooof!). Until……one night one of the girls was showering and all of a sudden the handle broke off and water started shooting out against the shower wall! There’s no shut-off just to the shower, so we had to turn the water off on the street and have an emergency plumber come out to fix the problem. Another $500 repair.

Last, an unexpected termite treatment.

The area where we live has heavy termite activity. So much so that newly built homes are proactively treated and come with a 5-year warranty. Our home just hit the 6-year mark. It’s out of warranty, but I wasn’t too concerned. We’ve had termite inspections annually and never had a problem. But this year when the inspector came out, he found evidence of termites in 5 different places! Due to the evidence of termites in multiple places, it was recommended that we re-treat the entire house (not just spot-treating the spots with tubes). Comprehensive treatment costs $1300.

All three of these things have happened within the past month. Nearly $2500 worth of unexpected home repairs! It makes me very grateful that we have a healthy emergency fund so this isn’t a bigger disaster than it might have been otherwise. This is yet another reason why I’ve decided to have our emergency fund be larger than Dave Ramsey’s recommended $1,000 “starter EF.” Sometimes emergencies come up in 3’s and cost two-and-a-half times that amount!

I’m knocking on wood that this is the last of it for a bit.

How much do you have in your Emergency Fund? What was the last major unexpected home repair you had to pay for?