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No More Universal or Netflix


I recently published my latest budget. And frankly, I’m pretty proud of how thorough it is.

While the categories are general, they work for our life. And I know my numbers are right after months of tracking every penny spent after reading Your Money or Your Life.

As I was doing some planning, looking back and looking forward, I remembered my Universal and Netflix line items on my last budget update. And I never gave an update on my decisions for those two items.

Universal Passes Cancelled

With Universal, I completed my year long commitment and cancelled the passes. I struggled with it for a little while as I was holding on to my dream of how I want things to be, or the life I thought I would have. But in the end, I know it was the right decision financially. And more importantly is reflective of our life changes.

I can no longer cling to the lifestyle I hoped for. I have to accept the life we lead now. Rather, I do accept the life we lead now. And I’m now able to embrace that in all aspects. Cancelling the Universal passes was just a sign of that growth and change in me.


I cancelled our Netflix subscription in June, just before the kids left for camp. While it was not cost prohibitive, it was no practical anymore. The kids were going to be gone a great deal over the summer with camp, trip to Texas and sports training. I decided it just made sense to take a break.

We’ve rented Redbox movies a couple of times but have otherwise been without any “TV” type entertainment this summer. To be honest, I’m not sure we miss it at all.

That being said, Princess has recently asked if I would get Netflix back. Evidently there’s some new seasons or series she would like to watch. I’m considering it.

TV Alternatives

Cancelling Netflix and Universal shaved right at $70 off my monthly budget. And we haven’t missed them. But during the winter months…it’s nice to have something to veg out too.

We haven’t had cable since 2007 when my husband and I split. Over the years we have had Netflix, Amazon Prime and used free TV channel apps on our iPads and computers, along with an occasional DVD rental from the library or Redbox.

While I’m not sure that’s the norm, I definitely think it’s a growing trend. Do you have TV service? What about the TV alternatives? What is your favorite and why?