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Week 1 Spending Report


As you know, we’re on a budget diet this month. We’re trying to slash our spending, particularly in the area of food-related spending (including eating out and grocery expenses).

I’ve been using Every Dollar to track all of our spending (review to come at the month’s conclusion), and so far things are going well. It’s been tough to keep within our weekly budget, but I’ve been stocking up with some meat and other freezer-foods and we have our Dream Dinners session coming up, too. My hope is that we’ll be able to do a No Spend Week next week (Week 3), only supplementing with about $25ish for fresh fruits and veggies. We should be able to do it based on the foods we have currently, and it would help us to stay within our overall grocery budget.

Week 1 Spending Report

For Week 1 (April 1-7), we spent $129 at the grocery store and $21 eating out. In my original Budget Post, I’d proposed to spend $300 at restaurants/eating out, $450 for groceries, and $250 for Dream Dinners (already committed/pre-paid). That’s a total of a $1,000 spent on FOOD and, as many pointed out, it’s totally crazy! I agree.

So, in my Every Dollar budget I’ve put the planned budget at $200 for restaurants/eating out, $350 for groceries, and the $250 for Dream Dinners (already pre-paid). That would meet my goal of slashing our food-spending category by 20%. If we successfully complete a no-spend week next week, we should be able to hit these food spending goals.

I’m going to pass on Dream Dinners for next month and try to further cut our food-spending by about another $100. If I could get to a $700-ish range for total food spending (eating out and groceries), that would be ideal! I know with some planning and food prep it can totally be done!

One month at a time – I’ll report on Week 2 spending at the end of our current week to help continue to hold me accountable.

What are your favorite generic/store brand items? Are there any grocery-store items you insist on buying “name brand”?


Accidental Extreme Couponing…


I always flip through the coupons in my weekly stack of junk mail. This week, the mailman accidentally delivered 5 stacks of the same coupon pile. I was about to toss them when I discovered a killer coupon for Degree deodorant. Our grocery store was running a sale on the same item so my final purchase price was a whopping 25 cents each. Taking it as a ‘sign from God’ and not as a ‘sign the mailman was tired or lazy’, I clipped all 5 copies and purchased 5 sticks of deodorant. While there, I grabbed two tubes of toothpaste ($3 off coupon) and two bottles of store brand mouthwash ($1.50 off coupon). I went home with $30 worth of goods for just over $3.

Proud of my savings, I opened my linen closet doors to store my stash and…

discovered there were already 4 sticks of deodorant, 5 tubes of toothpaste, and 2 bottles of store brand mouthwash.

That’s what I get for chastising the TLC Extreme Couponing show. Stupid Karma.

My husband gets slightly annoyed when he discovers that I have 8 bottles of shampoo but can’t seem to stock a decent bottle of aspirin – it’s not my fault they don’t offer aspirin at 90% off and I have no motivation to pay full price for anything. I know some women who hide their shopping discretions from their husbands… sadly, I include myself in that group. But it’s no Coach bag or Hermes sweater stuffed in the back of my closet, it’s 4 bottles of discounted body wash. I cringed when I caught my hoarding, *cough*, ‘savings’ mistake and quickly shoved the deodorant behind some sheets. Regardless of the savings, I’d have to have one heck of a sweaty summer to burn through 9 sticks of deodorant.

I learned my lesson. All coupons are going straight to the trash until I run out of deodorant… which should be sometime in 2015.