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All About the Money – April 19 to May 1


We’ve just wrapped up our second week on the farm, and for the first time in years it seems I feel like I can breathe again. You just don’t realize the amount of stress you are carrying around until it gets lifted. I mentioned in my post this past weekend that I was really staying busy with work, but I am also doing a lot of work outside including spreading mulch, cutting down tress and bushes and general lawn maintenance. The kids and I even went to one of my new work client’s homes and worked on weeding and mulching their flower beds for 3 hours on a 90 degree day…I will check the weather before committing next time!

2016-04-25 12.03.27

And we are truly enjoying the chickens, mostly our 25, but we meander down to check on the other 420 once a day too! Here is how our household money has been spent over this last week and a half.

Week of 4/19-5/1
Category Amount Balance
Week 4/18 174
Auto – Gas -98 76
Savings -143 -67
Food – Eating Out -58 -125
Debt -98 -223
Child Support 160 -63
Salary 477 414
Reimbursement 111 525
Laundry -40 485
Dentist -65 420
School -24 396

I think most of it is self explanatory, but here are a few notes:

Gas – the gas money is going to be high, there is just no way around it.  While I am trying to minimize our trips to town, we have to go at least 4 afternoons a week for sports, 2 mornings a week for Princess’ Spanish class and my work.  So I’m trying to plan everything else like grocery shopping and misc other errands around those trips, but sometimes…well, it’s a lot of gas.  Even History Buff has noticed the difference with his car.

Eating Out – I cringe looking at that number especially since one of them was a total weakness on my part.  But I’m cutting myself a little slack and will do better.

Reimbursement – paid by a client to reimburse for a business trip I had to take on their behalf.

Dentist – I think I’ve written before of how we go to the local dentist hygiene school for our check ups and cleanings every 6 months.  It was that time of year again, and no cavities for anyone!

School – One of the twins is taking the AP Psychology exam this year, this was the fee for that test.

I know I have some out of pocket medical costs coming up this week.  One of my children has on going medical needs and we have exhausted the treatment covered by insurance for this particular issue other than the prescriptions.  And I have to make a $250 payment to the orthodontist per the payment plan we have just worked out.  So I’m keeping a bit of extra in my operating budget in preparation for those expenses.

It’s Hard Saying No


I suppose this is a financial win and a testament to just how much my self control and decision making has come, but I have to admit that it still makes me a little sad.  As I mentioned a week or so ago, we took a quick weekend trip up to DC for the VA Boys Gymnastics State meet.  Well, I am super proud to report that in almost every event Little Gymnast did one of the best routines I have seen him do AND as a result of his scores, qualified for the regional meet.

Regionals are just a couple of weeks away and would require a longer trip to participate.  Another meet fee, hotels, gas, food, etc.  So I made the very hard call to stay on budget and not go this year.  My reasoning….

  1. Stay on budget, stay on budget
  2. Debt payoff by July
  3. He’s only 9, he’ll have another chance

So we are not going, and I had to let him know this after it was announced at the gym that he made it, etc.  I think it broke his heart a little bit.  He works so hard at gymnastics and sacrifices so much.  But this mom stayed strong despite a reasonable amount of backlash from his disappointment.  (I think it was a good lesson to both of us in disappointment and appropriate ways to handle it.)

I know it’s the right decision financially.  And I will tell you now, that if he makes it next year, even if I still have student loan debt, we are going.  But I made a very hard choice and am proud of the financial implications it will have for us.